2018 Region 12 Away Mission

Come one, come all! Hear the word of the mighty 12th Fleet!
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2018 Region 12 Away Mission

Post by sosparky » October 24th, 2017, 07:27

Ladies and Gentlemen of Region 12,

I have made arrangements with the Tulsa Air and Space Museum for up to thirty of our ships' crews to get in FOR FREE on Saturday, August 11th in return for spending part of the day in the lobby for photo opportunities, handing out backpacks for the Museum's "Back to School" drive, and being available for the media that the Museum will have on site for the event. They wish us to be in our uniforms, Klingon or other costumes, or otherwise look appropriate for our Star Trek interests. :mrgreen:

This offer is extended to all SFI members throughout Region 12 and to others throughout SFI in general but only the first 30 will be able to get in for free.

Please contact me with questions or for more details.

Best Wishes to All,



I have heard back from my contact at the Museum and she has said that props such at bat'leths are permitted. She said, "[The props] make it even more fun!" So, folks, feel free to bring your bat'leths, phasers, assimilation tubules, and--just to keep things interesting--tribbles!

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